Adrian Candela

Sea Chairs

Stadium seating made from recycled ocean plastics


Sea Chairs

Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans. Recycling this plastic is expensive and technologically challenging so it is absolutely necessary for us to look for ways to make recycling economically feasible if we are to preserve our vital marine habitats. Meanwhile, fan seating in stadiums and arenas constitutes huge amounts of plastic material. Due to the strenuous wear & tear that these products endure, they are often replaced multiple times in the life of the venue creating thousands of tons of physical waste.

Designed at MEIS architects as lead industrial designer.

Our mission was to create the world’s first stadium seating made from recycled ocean plastics.


The design challenges the venue seat of today: what it’s made of and what it looks like. We tasked ourselves to design a chair that is functional, beautiful and economically competitive with seating made of standard materials. Paying homage to the source where the material is harvested, we looked to the ocean for inspiration to develop shapes, textures and functionality within the overall design.


The form and function of the once-simple stadium seat is being taken to the next level.
— Stadia Magazine


The idea for Sea Chairs is to create more than just a product, but a brand that represents the idea of a sustainability and good design. The “SC” monogram is a simple and elegant identity designed to help identify the brand moving forward.